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Invisalign - Going Wireless!

Invisalign Dentist MississaugaAlmost everyone knows someone who has had orthodontics mississauga treatment. Straightening teeth has been around since the mid-1700's in France when ivory splints and thread were being used to pull mis-aligned teeth into position. Now, common knowledge is that braces (train tracks) and retainers (removable plastic and metal appliances) are the modern day treatment for tooth movement. But there is a new, revolutionary way to straighten misaligned teeth, developed in this decade, that is quickly gaining popularity. It is called Invisalign, which uses a series of custom-made clear plastic trays to move teeth into position. This process was developed in California and uses computer technology to fabricate the custom aligners. In 2002 Dr Ozanic was among the first wave of dentists in Ontario to be certified to provide Invisalign.

The steps at our office are as follows:

  • After an initial consultation we take the needed dental impressions, photos, and x-rays, and send them to Align.
  • After the records have been reviewed by their technicians, a three-dimensional CAT scan of the impressions is turned into a movie that shows exactly how the teeth will be moved into position and gives us an idea of treatment time.
  • After this has been tweaked and approved by Dr. Ozanic and patient, the aligners are fabricated and shipped to us.
  • This process takes about a month and the actual treatment time depends on how much tooth movement is required.

Advantages Over Traditional Braces

The most obvious advantage of this system is that it looks great – there are no metal wires. Because of their optical properties, the aligners mask spaces between teeth and can even be painted to hide gaps where teeth are missing.

Another plus is the comfort level - with traditional braces there is a much higher incidence of cuts and scratches in the mouth. Furthermore, with Invisalign the trays are changed every 2 weeks, which allows for more gradual movements so there is generally a shorter period of discomfort while the teeth are being moved.

Being removable, teeth can be easily brushed and flossed and this translates into healthier gums and less risk of cavities.

If a problem happens with an aligner, be it damage or loss, it is easy to go back to a previous aligner until a replacement is ordered . This is as easy as a phone call to our office to place the order – try that with braces!

Another advantage of Invisalign is that the aligners can be used to whiten teeth. In fact – Complementary tooth whitening (Day White or Night White) is provided with Invisalign treatment at our office.

How it works - With the gradual tooth movement there is minimal discomfort, but the movement is visible - you can see them move! The commitment to wear them 20-22 hours a day is necessary to ensure the teeth move properly. It is recommended for individuals over 14 years of age and can't be used for correcting certain jaw problems, so an initial assessment is important.

How much it costs - The cost of Invisalign treatment can be spread over the treatment time. Another improvement to the system is that there are no extra fees if you decide for whatever reason not to proceed with treatment after the 3D movie is made.

How you'll feel - Only a person who has had traditional braces can fully appreciate the relative comfort of Invisalign. Having the aligners go un-noticed makes them easier to wear and for people with gaps the aligners can actually make their teeth look better because...
(1) the clear plastic imparts an illusion that makes gaps look smaller or dissapear altogether
(2) teeth can be painted in to spaces that are the size of a tooth.,

Every time an aligner is changed there is usually a 1-2 day period that the teeth are hypersensitive and/or sore, unlike traditional braces, where this discomfort goes on for several days after an adjustment.
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