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We stay true to our promise that whatever we use in the mouth is either sterilized or disposed of. Whether your goal is to make your mouth healthy, ensure your smile looks it's best, or have your family taken care of. We are here for you.

Our practice mission is to affordably provide outstanding care and service gently, in an enviromnent that is friendly and honest with the goal of giving our patients beautiful and healthy smiles.

If you are suffering from loose teeth or are concerned about your breath or bleeding gums you are not alone – gum disease is estimated to affect about 3 out of 4 adults.

We have a strong focus on gum (periodontal) health. Dr. Ozanic's office is an ideal destination. The connection between gum health and overall health continues to be borne out in study after study. Gum disease (periodontitis) is manageable with our non-surgical gum treatment, and our maintenance program is superb. For our clients who require it, we measure gum health with detailed measurements every year. More and more studies have shown that the primary cause of gum disease is the reaction of the immune system to the amount of bacteria under the gumline and that this critical mass is different for everyone – which is why some people seem to keep their gums healthy with very little maintenance. To this end our focus is to keep this bacterial number low enough to not cause bone loss around teeth. So rather than only focusing on scraping the teeth to get them clean we use an effective system of flushing out the bacteria underneath the gums which has been found to be the best non invasive way of treating and maintaining gum health.

We take steps to make sure our clients are comfortable during procedures. We pride ourselves on our comfortable anaesthetic techniques, especially with children - we want their dental experiences to be positive and we encourage them toward healthy teeth for life.


Improving chewing function and efficiency is sometimes part and parcel of an overall treatment.
Replacing teeth with state of the art aesthetic implants or with new non metallic white bridgework is now a reality. Our team of specialists enhance our services and have access to deep sedation and general anaesthesia should you wish it.

Whether you are looking for a temporary removable partial denture or a fixed solution we focus on making these solutions comfortable, long-lasting, and looking great.

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The Seahorse

Having spent child hood summers by the Adriatic Sea, Dr. Tony Ozanic quickly developed a fascination with the Sea Horse. Sea horses are gentle, quiet creatures, perfect in proportion, colouring and balance. Being expert chameleons, they are able to blend into their environment, becoming indistinguishable from their surroundings. An appropriate symbol, as we believe the best kind of dentistry functions well and looks great without being obvious.